Sunday, January 24, 2010

We can HELP the Orphans of Haiti...

My friend Annie made this beautiful collage of pictures from her time in Haiti...before the recent earthquake. It's of children at an orphanage in Quanaminthe called "Hope for Haiti's Children Center." Thankfully it is about 9 hours north of the earthquakes epicenter, so did not sustain any serious damage. However, Danita, the director of this center, because of her faithful work with Haitian orphans over many years, has been asked to assist other orphanages in Haiti in rescuing the many new orphans from this tragedy. She is currently in Port-au-Prince which is a disaster zone, seeking to rescue and bring back as many as 150-200 children (or more) to her center. Before all this started....her center was already full and overflowing, so as you can imagine, they are in dire need of more buildings and more resources to feed the many hungry mouths.

I am praying about going to Haiti myself, to assist with the medical needs, but in the meantime, am hoping to spread the word, and help them recruit financial assistance and support. I know I've shared this before...but I need to share again. The need really is URGENT!!!

To HELP, please visit:

And pray for Eric Ludy that is traveling with a team right now to Haiti, to assist with the children's needs.

Let Your Heart Be Broken

Let your heart be broken for a world in need,
Feed the mouths that hunger,
soothe the wounds that bleed.
Give the cup of water, and the loaf of bread.
Be the hands of Jesus, serving in his stead.

Here on earth applying principles of love.
Visible expression, God still rules above.
Living illustration of the living word,
to the minds of all who've never seen or heard.

Blest to be a blessing, privileged to care,
challenged by the need, apparent everywhere.
Where mankind is wanting, fill the vacant place.
Be the means through which
The Lord reveals His grace.

Add to your believing deeds that prove it true,
knowing Christ as Savior, Make Him Master too.
Follow in His footsteps, go where he has trod;
In the worlds great trouble risk yourself for God.

Let your heart be tender and your vision clear;
See mankind as God sees, serve Him far and near.
Let your heart be broken by a brothers pain;
Share your rich resources, give and give again.


If that song wasn't enough to convict you...check out these sobering verses!

"Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? When thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?" Isa 58:7

"He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse." Prov 28:27

"The righteous considereth the cause of the poor: but the wicked regardeth not to know it." Prov 29:7

"He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again." Prov 19:17

As I figure things, we may not be able to afford much...but whatever we give unselfishly, God will repay...and He's a better accountant than we are! :-)


Anonymous said...

Melody, I am praying about going, as well.
I have looked up air fare for May, for after graduation.
I have been praying for these children since before the earthquake, seeking God's will about whether or not I am to help. All I know now is that I keep thinking about them. I found a one way ticket for May that costs $250 dollars. I will be finished at CFNI, and I will have my worship and tech arts practical ministry certification. But, I also have teaching. Basically, I keep going to the site and seeing these children's stories and faces. So, I just wanted you to know that I am seriously praying about going, as well. When are you thinking about journeying there? Blessings.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog for a little while and would love to personally be more involved in medical missions. I am an RN, recently graduated from nursing school and have been working for a year on a Progressive Care Unit. I have a few practical questions for you about working out some of the details in order to be more involved in medical missions:

1. You seem to travel often. How do you fit it into your regular work schedule? I've thought about working either as a traveler or Per Diem to be available more. The hospital I currently work at does not allow people to take extra time (beyond their annual leave). Has it been your experience that there are some hospitals that do allow you to take extra time?

2. I've also thought about quitting my current job, in order to volunteer for a few months, and then reapplying when I got back. However I would still need to be covered with health insurance. Have you encountered this problem, and if so do you know of anywhere to receive temporary health insurance in the interim?

Thank you for your help! Your adventures are very inspiring!

God Bless,
Varina B.

Melody said...

Hi Varina,

The reason I have been able to do soooo much travel largely has to do with the flexibility of my job. I use to work full time, and while the hospital did allow me to take off a little extra time, it wasn't much. However I've been doing "Travel Nursing" since 2006, and I have been doing mission work between contracts. Actually, the last two years, I only worked Jan-July and then took off the fall for missions and ministry activities. It's been perfect!!

However, am I covered by health insurance during those times. No. You can buy your own independent health insurance from different companies, but I honestly have never bothered. When my contract is over, I'm not covered until I start working again. I just have always trusted that since I am doing God's work, He will have to take care of me physically. And He has!! I just don't worry about it...

So anyway - that's where I am. As long as you are locked into a regular full time job, it will probably be hard to get much time away, but even then, I know God can make a way for you. So just pray for His leading, and start knocking on doors. That's my encouragement for you! :-)

Let me know if you have any other questions. :-)

Matt 6:33, Phil 4:19

Anonymous said...

Hi Melody -

Thank you for answering my questions! Your response has generated a few additional questions. I'm not real familiar with travel nursing as my hospital does not use travelers anymore. How long did you work full time before becoming a traveler? In your opinion, and what you have encountered, is 1.5 years enough experience to be a traveler?

Also, have you ever worked at, or know someone who has worked at, a medical clinic in Mexico? I'm very interested in clinics in the Baja region. I've found a few via the Internet, but a recommendation is always helpful too.

Again, thank you - you have been very helpful!


Melody said...


Typically those in the Travel Nurse industry want someone whose had at least 1 year of nursing expenses and often 2. I didn't start traveling until working for 2 first, but it's still very likely that you could start with what you have. Just talk to different agencies and ask. I've worked with TWO agencies that I love...e-mail me and I'll send you links if you desire. (

I haven't done any serious work in can't give you recommendations there. Again though, I know God will direct your steps if you keep seking Him!! :-) Excited for you!