Prayer Interviews

Why Read Daring to Ask for More?
Click the picture below and watch this 3 minute video to find out! 

Part I: Keys to Personal Prayer 
The first of a two part series on the power of prayer for the program "Ministry in Motion." This program aired on HOPE TV back in 2013.
Click pictures to view programs or clips.

Part II: Keys to United Prayer
Below Janet and I again share part two, as we talk about the importance of prayer, but not just personal prayer, corporate prayer. To watch the video, click the picture below. To download the booklet "Praying for Rain" click HERE.

Promoting Operation Global Rain
Below our team, including SID Division President Pastor Ratsara, and ARME President, Ivor Myers, sharing why we need to unite in prayer for "Operation Global Rain."

What does United Prayer look like?
Below is my sharing what the united prayer meeting is all about!

Interview with Mark Finley
Below is my interview by Mark Finley at GC Annual Council in 2010. I've been invited back to lead prayer ministries during Annual Council every year since 2010…and each year, God blesses in amazing ways!


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea with the book on singleness! I would encourage you to start writing it as soon as possible. ;-)

Take care, God bless you.

Coffee Break said...

Would like to hear from you. Very impressed and moved by your testimonies.