Friday, September 12, 2008

There's one rather large item that I've been keeping in storage for a few years....a special steamer that some precious relative gave me, but I've never found a use for! Well, finally last week, I got rid of it!! I gave it away! What relief!!! No more lugging it around or trying to store it. found my nicely wrapped steamer packed neatly inside one of my large storage suitcases in the garage. (I discovered it because I am packing for Bangladesh!!) you can imagine, I was utterly perplexed at finding it there!! Then the "horror" suddenly hit me.... just like "Anne of Green Gables" gave away her neighbors cow (thinking it was hers), I had given away my roommates huge steamer pan!! Oh no....

Thankfully.... my roommate was more forgiving than Rachel Lynn!! But we all had a good laugh!!

I've been furiously packing for Bangladesh....and getting posters and educational materials ready, and shopping for socks, and medical supplies and other things to take to the Orphanage!! I am very excited, but very exhausted!!

Also, to add to the fun moments, I have a new roommate.....from Peru!! I think it's interesting that I had actually planned to go work as a missionary in Peru this fall, but it didn't work out. I guess God had something more special in mind! Instead, He sent a "Peruvian missionary" to me!! Yep, He sure did! Dayana came to volunteer full time with Creator's Call. And we are very happy to have her here! She is a real sweetheart!! (Be watching for pictures!)'s exciting, but I am very blessed....and now, I am thankful it is Sabbath!! And...if you don't hear much from me for a few weeks....well, know I am having a blast in the warm tropical monsoon season Bangladesh, loving and hugging dozens of little ones!

Keep me in prayer!!


MissionSK said...

LOL! HOw funny. I woul dhave loved to have seen your face when you saw that steamer :)

Anonymous said...

i am witing for your new post.... can't wait! :)