Friday, June 19, 2009

In tribute to Dave and Vanessa...

Being a true romantic at heart, it's always exciting when another one of my girlfriends get's engaged and starts planning her wedding! I'm all ears, for all the excitement and all the details!!

Last summer it was my sister Sunny's big day...this summer it was Vanessa's!!

From the very beginning I've enjoyed watching Vanessa and Dave's love blossom (it all started in the California poppy fields). And when Dave finally asked Vanessa to be his wife...well, you can just imagine the excitement for us all!! Then there were the trips to "David's Bridal" (how ironic is that), and trips to more wedding stores. What a fun time of life!!

Well, this past May 31st, they finally tied the the most beautiful and sacred way I think I have ever seen! I knew Vanessa was working like crazy trying to iron out all the details...but since I've been away in Texas this spring, I had no idea...just how many details. Once the big weekend came, it was evident...there was much thought, prayer, and planning in this wedding.

Of course, the setting was scenic, as you can see by the pictures. But more than a beautiful scene, and a lovely bride and groom, was the emphasis they put on God and His glory and honor. It was a beautiful tribute to a marvelous Creator...the author of true romance! I was inspired and impressed...and very blessed.

So Vanessa, you did good...on your man, on your day, and most importantly...on making a memory that ultimately glorified God!! May the rest of your love story be as beautiful as the beginning...and grow more beautiful through the years!!

And don't ever forget...your girlfriends will always love you!!

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