Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where in the World is Melody???

I've had a few e-mails from concerned friends... "Where are you Melody? What's up with your life? Things have been kinda silent on your blog. Is everything ok?" And I just chuckle...

Everything is more than "ok." Yes, my life continues to be full and blessed!! (Just see pics above!!) The problem is, it is sooooo full and blessed, I've not had time to write about it. To catch the highlights of where I have been or what I've been up have to be a friend on FACEBOOK!

Here's an overview from the last 6 weeks - Facebook Style :-)

May 3rd - Melody wants to GROW FAITH like potatoes!!! ;-) [Note - if you haven't watched the documentary, it is great! Not the movie, the DOCUMENTARY in the special feature section of the movie.]

May 4th - with a heavy heart, is reminded this earth is NOT our home...we're just passing through!! [Friend's child drowned!]

May 8th - Melody has seen AGAIN this week....His Strength is Perfect!!!

May 10th - I just called and wished BOTH my MOTHER'S a Happy mothers Day!! I am sooo blessed!!! [Still have warm memories of their visit here in TX this spring!!]

May 12th - Melody had to call a CODE BLUE tonight!!! [It was too late...his heart recovered, but his brain never did! He transferred to ICU and family pulled life support a few days later...soooo sad! I can't ask myself "If only" - God is in control...]

May 13th - Melody is sooo proud of her sister SANDRA....graduating and about to join our ranks of "REGISTERED NURSES"!!! [Sandra completed Nursing and we all celebrated in Oklahoma for her Nurse's pinning ceremony!]

May 14th - Time to mark your calenders and plan to attend our first ARMe Bible Camp!!! It's a conference you don't want to miss! It's gonna be AWESOME!!!! [This is one of the ministry projects I've been working on this spring with a team of dedicated leaders. Our speakers will be Pastor Ivor Myers, Pastor Doug Batchelor, Pastor Stephen Bohr, Evangelist Emmaneul Baek, and Taj Pacleb! We are thrilled and know it will be an awesome conference!!]

May 16th - Melody is learning new things about Medical Evangelism from Mr. Fiedler, and enjoying time with OA family! [Mr. Fiedler was one of my favorite teachers in highschool, and I still enjoy listening to him share! He's gained quite a reputation for his knowledge in SDA church history.]

May 17th - Melody is hanging out at Ouachita Hills Campus in AR, with Tim and Sunny!! It is soooooo green here!! [Went over with them to Alistair Huongs graduation!]

May 18th - Melody is thankful for His GRACE...and energized for a wonderful new week!!

May 20th - Melody is having fun training in my REPLACEMENT at work! She's gonna be great!! [They've had me doing specialized "plastic surgery patient" care, so now that I am leaving, they wanted me to train in a replacement!]

May 21st - Melody is praying about WHAT TO DO next?! It's exciting walking by faith, because you never know what Great things God has in store around the next corner, and I'm approaching another corner... ;-)

May 22nd - KOREA - here I come!!! (God has opened the doors for me to work with a mission team doing child/youth evangelism for a couple weeks this summer! I'm excited!)

May 26th - Melody is on a treadmill that keeps going FASTER!!!! Help.....stop this thing!!! ;-)

May 27th - Melody is seeing how long she can burn the candle at both ends and still LIVE! ;-) Worked til midnight, and haven't been to bed yet...leave for airport in a hour!! (You're RIGHT, I am nuts!!!)

May 30th - had a great evening with old Loma Linda friends, and thankful for Sabbath tomorrow!!! [Traveled to CA for Dave/Vanessa wedding weekend, and then to help Tim and Sunny drive to Ohio!]

May 31st - Melody is TIRED...but enjoying vacation with friends. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY for Dave and Vanessa!!!! Congratulations guys!!!!! [See slideshow and post below for more glimpse of this beautiful occasion!]

June 1st - is helping Tim and Sunny move to Ohio!!! I even get to help drive the big 26 foot truck....YEAH!!!!

June 2nd - 1:15 am - is having fun reading Tim and Deb's status updates...we are all on our computers (well 4 out of 6 of us) and we are all crashing after a long day!!! I drove the big 26 foot Penske all afternoon! Wooohoooo!!!! [Written from Flagstaff AZ]

June 1st - 8am - Grand Canyon HERE WE COME!!!! This is not my first time, but it's fun to be with everyone else when it is their FIRST!! ;-)

June 3rd - drove the big truck ALL the way from CA to OK (all but the first 4 hours - my daddy would be sooo proud of me!) Praising the Lord to get it here safely...and excited to be having Dad and Mom Holland join our travel crew for our last LONG day of driving to OH!!

June 5th - It's 1:18 AM....and we arrived safely to Sunny and Tim's new home in Ohio!! We've set up our air mattresses, and tomorrow will unload the truck! Praising the Lord for safe travels!!!! ;-) (PS: I am going to miss driving that BIG was a blast!!!)

June 5th - 6pm - Truck unloaded, food for Sabbath ready, rooms in house are in progress...still can't decide where to put mirror! (It's a looong story!!) We are all pooped!! Praise the Lord for a day of rest!!!

June 7th - Got to take a quick trip to Illinois and visit Carolyn and 3ABN!! Enjoyed touring the sets and seeing more behind the scenes!

June 8th - Melody has enjoyed the time with Tim/Sunny and family and is heading back to TX to finish her contract!! Then on to NEW ADVENTURES...

June 9th - Melody missed both flights out of Ohio today...first one was over-booked, second one had mechanical problems!!! (So....sigh....I got a free round trip ticket and get to hang out with family for 1 more day...minus all my luggage!!) [During this extra day, we toured the National Airforce Museum in Dayton. Even toured all the planes that the President - as recent as Clinton (yeah!) have ridden in!]

June 11th - I did NOT make it to my destination airport but am very glad to be ALIVE!! Wildest flight of my life! (Now I've got to figure out how to get to Killeen as I'm not ready to fly again right now!!) [This flight, obviously also had problems, due to weather! It's a long story I will write out soon, hopefully! Or maybe you can read about it in the next SetApartGirl online magazine!]

June 12th - The storms are still raging, but I am back in TX safe.....FINALLY!!! And I'm thankful for human guardian angels! [God sent someone to give me a ride from Abilene (where we had our emergency landing) all the way to Killeen! What a huge blessing!]

June 13th - Melody is listentening to: "My redeemer is faithful and true....everything He has said He will do, and every morning His mercies are new, my redeemer is faithful and true..." (I LOVE IT!!!!!)

June 15th - Melody can't go to sleep because she's reading the new SETAPARTGIRL online magazine!!!'s amazing how all our articles fit so perfectly together!!! I am sooo inspired!!

June 17th - Melody is LOVING the life God has given her!!!!!

June 18th - Melody just finished a 60 hour work-week (5 twelve hour shifts in a row!! Wow! I am dead tired!!!)

June 19th - Melody is taking some extra time SET-APART (from FB) for her greatest LOVE, Jesus Christ!! "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the [woman] that trusteth in Him. O fear the Lord ye his saints, for there is no want to them that fear Him!" Ps 34:8-9

Yep, just acknowledging what has been obvious to everyone else...I've been on the treadmill too long, and need a break from it all. Don't get me wrong...I love FB, and I'll be back, but it can take up precious time, and since time is very limited right now as I am working soooo hard to finish up this contract and get ready for my next adventures, I decided I'd take a step back from it for a bit! final and most recent status update...Besides, now that I'm off Facebook for a bit...I can actually take time to update my blog!! Yeah! see, it's been a full 6 weeks!!! ;-) All I can say is, through it all...God is good! All the time, God is good!!!

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