Friday, January 23, 2009

Be careful what you Pray for, because you might just get it!!

Wow....where do I even cup runneth over!

This month has been packed....with answered prayers and overflowing blessings! Let me share just a few:

  • Spent the first weekend of January at another powerful "Set-Apart Life Discipleship Retreat" in Colorado with the Ludys. (This is my 6th retreat with them!!) I was a student, but also filmed the entire 8 part series for them, which we will soon have available on DVD! I've been editing for hours, and still have hours to go, but it will be soooo worth it! (It's powerful, so let me know if you want copies!!!)
  • Was contacted by a gal I haven't heard from in months (had met by "Divine Appointment" in the mountains this past summer - read the story from my previous blog post if you haven't!) and she asked if I would be a "spiritual mentor" for her and help her with some spiritual and health issues she was struggling with. I was delighted, and knew that God was orchestrating another "Divine Appointment" in our lives together. As we discussed her life and situation further, I felt convicted to invite her to come stay with me for a couple weeks so I could help guide her in a whole lifestyle change program. (I keep praying that God will bring the people to my door that He wants me to "love and reach.") Well, she felt convicted to WALAAA....2 weeks later (and one day after my Peruvian roommate left for a 3 week visit to Michigan) Amanda has moved in! The enemy has really attempted to destroy her life over the last 8 years, but God has a purpose and plan for Amanda and He has slowly been wooing her back to himself. It's been sooo exciting and beautiful seeing how her heart is opening more and more....and the changes she is making. Who knows, she may even turn into a "Vegan Vegetarian" after this experience!! I have a feeling that 2 weeks if not going to be enough time to fit in everything I want to show her! (Please keep us in prayer, that the enemy will not derail the plans God has in place for her!)
  • Have had car problems, or this struggle or that as finances have been low lately....but I'm overwhelmed, because just in the nic of time, God has continued to pay the bills, just when I needed most! I have been speechless at times! God is soo good! I can testify more and more of that every day!
  • Had another beautiful evening of prayer with Advent Hope friends - Praising God and interceding! I can really feel God's presence and can't wait for this time together with friends!
  • Have been praying that if God wants me to work, He will supply the job.....finally a Travel job opened up in TX....and they just happen to need me to start Feb 9th. (Right after Amanda will leave! Perfect timing....God must have planned!) So have frantically been seeking to get all the paperwork together and tie up loose ends here in Loma Linda with everything I am involved in. (Texas wasn't where I thought of going....but I know God has a plan since He opened the doors! But I'm not saying goodbye to Loma Linda forever....I'll be back, after 13 weeks!)
  • Also, this last month God has opened several new exciting ministry opportunities....Can't share specifics for now, but stay tuned. It's exciting!!

God continues to bless and amaze me in a thousand ways. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a roller coaster that is going way too fast, and there is no way I will ever stay on....yet I've come to realize more and more.... "Of my own self, I cannot do anything truly's only through God's strength and power." And so the more I surrender to Him, and lean upon Him, the more I know that truly.....even if headed through life on the "Speed Boat"....I'll be ok, because He is in charge....and the destination is Heaven. And the faster I get there, the happier I will be!! From God waking me up every morning, exactly on que, to supplying my little and large needs, and even filling the desires of my heart....I couldn't ask for a better companion, a better guide, a better friend, or a better King. I love the life He has given me, and most of all....I love Him!!!

"Thank you God for all you are doing in my life! I am speechless....and overwhelmed, but soo utterly thankful!!! I love you...teach me to love you more.... Amen!"

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Azure said...

I have been soooo blessed by the book you sent me by the Ludys! THANK YOU!!!! I can't thank you enough. :) It really has opened my eyes to a lot and helped me understand how to surrender to the Lord day by day and let His beauty shine through me. God has used you, you are blessing. :)