Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Miracle from God...let me introduce you to Amanda!!

My friends and I met Amanda and her husband up in the mtns this summer...some would say by chance, but we all know that God was directing our paths. (Read previous post for more details!) Now Amanda has come to spend a couple weeks with me...and we've been having a blast together as you can I've been showing her the exciting life and adventure God is calling each of us to live! First off starts with having a healthy mind and healthy body!! So NEW we go!!!! ;-)

As part of this "Lifestyle Program" I'm helping Amanda do, we've been on a 3-day Juice cleanse. Now we are preparing to start "raw foods" and so had a hay day at the farmer's market this morning!! ;-) The next step will be to show her how to cook healthy, yummy, and attractive Vegan!! (One of my favorite hobbies!)

Climbing Mtns together...Amanda is doing sooo good! I am soo proud of her!! Today Val and I took her to Mt. Rubidiox near Riverside.

I love this pic at the top of the mtn, for it inspires me of my aim in life. I march and live for Christ who paid the ultimate sacrifice on His cross...and whatever "cross" He asks me to carry...I will gladly carry for Him, for He's already carried the ultimate cross for me!!


Sarah said...

AWESOME!!!! Looks like things are going miraculously well for you both!! I am so proud of Amanda and of you for taking her on and helping her towards a great healthy lifestyle and a love for Jesus. Those fresh things look soooo tasty. I just love fresh foods. Hubby stopped by a farmers market here in Florida last week and it was like a taste of summer with fresh greenbeans and corn, eggplant, strawberries, etc.... So fun!! Praying for you both! :)

Anonymous said...

Melody - this journal entry is beautiful! The message you wrote under the picture of you with the cross behind is lovely. What a heart of gold you have ... :)
I'll miss you while you are gone to Texas; love you girlfriend!

-Julie (Farmer)