Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just this last week, one of my patients at the hospital was telling me I have a unique name: referring to "Melody." I laughed. "Awwww.....thank you!" I replied. "But if you knew my REAL name, you'd really think it was unique!" "Oh? What is that?" they asked curiously. I allowed for a pregnant pause and then replied with a half giggle - "Melodious Echo!" "Melodious WHAT?" they asked in shock. "Yep, bet you've never heard that name before, huh?" They looked at me with big eyes. "And that's your REAL name? Not just your nickname?" This time I had to laugh. "Yep, that's my REAL name!" I assured them...

It's funny...same story over and over again...and it's been this way for many years! While most people go "Wow!" when I share my name...and they usually don't forget it, still I've never had anyone (besides family) call me "Melodious" on a regular basis. Just too weird I's kinda funny.

Growing wasn't funny though! I use to be sooooo embarrassed about it. In fact, my parents always told me that if I'd had a twin they would have named her "Harmony." Can you just imagine that?? A "Melodious Echo" and a "Harmonious Joy." Then again, I've often thought that if they'd had twins, they should have named me "Harmony" and her "Melody" because honestly, "Harmony" is much more fitting for me! I don't usually sing melody, I sing harmony! :-)

Ah well....I still don't have a I guess I just have to keep trying to sing "melody."

Anyway, in all seriousness....I don't mind anymore! And where did my name come from? I think my parents were just listening to the old tune, "In my heart there rings a Melody." And with a little creativity added....they had it - Melodious Echo!

Anyway, so much for "Melody Trivia" for today!

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Staci said...

I think you have a really neat name. It reminds you that because of Jesus the sweet melody of Heaven can echo in your life. I like my name also for the special spiritual message it carries. The about me section of my blog tells about it.