Monday, November 13, 2006

Is God in the Whirl wind?

Yes, I believe God is in the He is in the fire and in the storms, walking beside us! But boy was last week tough. For starters I shouldn't have volunteered to do my 4th twelve hour in a row. The patients were crazy...and we had no extra help (I guess that's why I volunteered). But I thought I was going to go crazy myself at the end of the day! I felt like crying more than once. "God, you've got to help me, because I do not feel like I can do this!" My poor guy that calls "Mama" all the time, was at it again. But unfortunately he wasn't my patient this time. I say "unfortunately" because the moment he saw me in the hall (I have taken care of him a lot and helped him stay calm) he started screaming, "Melody...Melody!!! Help me, Melody!" So then, I had to be in his room off and on all day, since his own nurse was already overwhelmed and tended to ignore him, and he kept calling for me. Tried to get her to trade patients with me, but I had my own set of difficult souls, and she didn't want them either (Which I don't blame her for), so I was involved with both. Wow...I can tell that I'm getting close to least keeping up the pace that I have been. Thankfully, I only have one more week, and my Travel contract in San Diego's Continental Rehab is finished. So, with the Lord's strength, I will make it! And I have learned a lot, so I can't really complain, but it's just been really challenging lately...especially when it seems no one is getting any better, and you just have to deal with the same thing day after day.

I had asked to extend until Christmas, but due to low patient census, they aren't sure that they can extend my contract. However, now I believe it's because God has another purpose for me...He doesn't close one door without opening another!

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