Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Proof of our backpacking treks!

Just got back from yet another trek up the mountains/hills behind Loma Linda! It's hilarious seeing the strange looks and questions on people's faces as we go marching by loaded down with packs and gear. "Where do those kids think they are going?" I can just imagine them thinking! Every now and then a passerby is brave enough to ask... "Are you training for something?" Then one of us will enthusiastically tell them that we are training for the John Muir trail in the Sierra's. Of course, I'm not going...I'm only training with them. But it's still fun to tell people about it!

It's hard to believe how quickly the summer is flying bye bye! ;-/ Just a couple more days to hike together, and one more Sabbath here in Loma Linda and then I'll be flying home for three weeks, and TJ and MaryAnn will be taking off for their hiking expedition. (Without me! Sniff, sniff.) I told MaryAnn that I am glad that I'm going to be gone the whole time they are (I actually leave a day or two sooner then they do!), or I'd be suffering serious withdrawals from their absence, for we've been doing everything together lately. I'm soo thankful that God has brought them into my life!

Well, lots to do that's all we'll post for now. Just wanted to get a few backpack pics up while I was thinking about it, so my family and friends can see all the fun they are missing out on here in lovely Southern California! ;-)

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