Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Well, this past Sunday I flew into the wet-green-hot-humid paradise of Oklahoma! ;-) As dear to my heart as Oklahoma is, I would never have dreamed of calling it a paradise before now. But when you are coming from the dry brown dessert of California, to a vibrant green land flowing with....well...not milk and honey, but water! It is beautiful! I never realized how much I missed the sweet sound of drops "pitter-patting" on our roof, or the dull drum of distant thunder, and the adrenaline rush of the excitement of nearby lightning!

Today the sun is shining...and all is peaceful once again. But yesterday was a different story. (As you can see by the two pictures below!) Mom and Dad Holland and I had to do some errands and then drive to Dallas to pick up my Grandma Hiner that was flying in from her vacation in Oregon. And it was raining! I don't mean just normal peaceful raining...but it was RAINING...like cats and dogs raining! In fact, at times we could hardly see out the front window and had to slow way down so we didn't pile up in traffic. It was scary! And some parts of the road were turning into a little river...almost wondered if we should have come in the boat! Anyway, all in all...we made it safely...and the adventure was a fun one! ;-)

It's been good to be back home in familar territory. And being back on the Oklahoma Academy campus brings back lots of good memories, although things are fast changing, and most of the people here I don't know so well now. Mom and Dad and I have had fun catching up on life, and sharing our latest discoveries or inspirations. One such sharing was a DVD they showed me the other night called "From a life of no limbs, to no limits!" About a guy that has no arms and legs, and how he's made the most of his life, and now lives to bring glory and honor to God and motivate others to use what God has given them for His glory. It is an amazing story, and one I plan to get to bring back to my Loma Linda friends to watch. Incredible!

Now today I'll be heading over to Arkansas to spend this next week, until ASI, with my family there. My daddy is on the way to pick me up even as I type, and I can hardly wait to see him. I haven't been home to Arkansas since December. While our time is limited, each little bit we do have together is very precious.

So that's the scoop from the land of the green....for now! Next time I'll be posting some pictures probably, from my lovely childhood home way out in the middle of the Ozarks. I just praise the Lord for such a wonderful home and families to come back to!!

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