Monday, July 30, 2007

Well...I'm back again! Wasn't able to post anything while I was in Arkansas because internet access is "slow-as-molasses" there! (Must have to do with the extra long distance the phone line has to travel to reach our home waaaaaaay out in the country!) Anyway, as the pictures will is beautiful as ever, and I had a blast having some time at home with my family!

From driving the back trails on the four-wheelers with my dad and brothers (and later on my mom), to jogging around our trail and working out and lifting weights (I had a sore back after that!), to cutting some coon caps, to reading and doing Bible study with my mom, to singing and doing music together and just having a general good time! It was refreshing to be home...and I only wish the time had not gone soooo quickly!!

Now I am back in Oklahoma and preparing to leave with Mom and Dad Holland for ASI!! Can't believe how quickly time is going. But I am determined to enjoy each and every moment to its fullest while it last. Next week my sister Rita returns from Romania, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her and catching up a bit before I head back to California. As I said, I am sure that time will go all too will enjoy each moment today while it last!! ;-)

*More deeper profound thoughts later - for now, since I have lots of pictures to show, I thought I'd keep my comments brief!

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