Thursday, October 26, 2006

Soup in a Bag...

Last Sabbath night, Sunny and I went to a "house-warming." (I guess it wasn't warm enough already, so we had to help! JK!) Anyway, while there were lots of people I didn't know, there were a few old friends that I enjoyed catching up with (like Janine and Tim and Chris) and I enjoyed getting to know the others that were there as well.

However, the experience made me think of two things:

1. What is the housewarming going to be like when we get to Heaven and God introduces us to our new homes?? What a celebration that will be!!! Can you imagine the "warmth" that will bring to our hearts? Wow, just gives me excited shivers thinking about it!! I could go on, but that's the concept in a nut-shell for now.

2. After everyone had left, a few of us stayed behind to clean up the scraps and wash the dishes (my favorite part!) and we also benefited from a few left-overs. They had tons of soup, but no containers to put the soup in, so they got out their zip-lock bags and started pouring soup into bags and handing it to everyone! What fun it was!!

What was really fun though, was when I got to work the next day...I didn't have time to go back home and get anything since I had come from Sunny's, so I took my "Soup in a bag." You should have seen the look on my co-workers faces when I pulled my bag out and stuck it in the microwave and then rolled down the flaps and started eating it along with my (also donated) french bread!

They're like, "Melody - can you not afford a bowl?" :-) But would having a bowl have made it taste any better?? I don't think so! I actually enjoyed it immensely. And it also reminded me of how incredibly blessed I am. How many homeless and hurting and hungry souls around the world would love a "bag of soup." Yet, we are so stiff and picky that we usually turn up our noses at such...infact, we even complain about the fancy "bowls" that God does give us. Oh that we could be grateful for what God has given, and focus our means on what is really important...on finding and helping save those lost souls.

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