Thursday, October 26, 2006

Well I am back in Oklahoma Again. At least for 5 days! I had a free ticket that I’d almost forgotten I had to use before November. (It was remnants from the Ghana trip I’d planned and then switched airlines on last year!) So I was looking at the schedule and realized I had a long weekend, and mom and dad were also off this weekend at OA, so I flew back and surprised them. Well, actually mom knew, because I had to make a few arrangements, but dad and my sisters didn't. It was great!

I called dad on the phone and asked how things were going since it had been a few days since we talked. He started going on about this and that, and two minutes into the conversation, I walked in the door with cell phone to my ear as he talked away. He was like, "What??? You turkey!!" And he started laughing! It was awesome!!!

It’s good to be back. I miss the peacefulness of the surrounding hills and quiet streets here, and not having to lock your doors at night or worry about your car being broken into.

Tomorrow mom and I are taking a "Mother-daughter day out" together. Imagine that, getting my mother away for a whole day to myself! I am soooo excited! And I have some really special things planned, but of course I can’t tell anyone as word might get back to her about it. So...stay tuned for the report!

Time is short, but I just praise the Lord for another opportunity to be with those that I love!

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